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About Us

dokimbo.com is a brand of agricultural and fishing products, as well as traditional dishes from Angola and several other African countries.

With a variety of products from the land, we provide all products to meet the needs of direct consumers, hotels, restaurants and retailers.

It is not always easy to find good suppliers of agricultural and fishery products. How about having the help of dokimbo.com to buy agricultural products online for consumption or resale and receive them directly at home?

Our customers, who are they?

Restaurant owners and people like you, middle class people looking to buy good traditional food that allows you to have an extraordinary imagination when working on difficult tasks. As a professional, you often do not have access to this healthy food as you would like, because it is not feasible to go to places where this type of food is prepared.

As a middle class professional, you may just want to make your own food at home, but you do not have easy access to traditional healthy products in traditional stores that sell food grown with unhealthy pesticides.

And you may need help cooking these foods. dokimbo.com provides recipes and products on its own premises so that you can cook delicious foods with the scent of our land, and keep you productive and performing at work.